Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Lord, I hope people will always find flashes of You in me


Daughter, seek always to manifest the tenderness of the Beloved.  Live in his love and let His grace give unction to your voice, to the look in your eyes and to your every gesture.  Let everything pass without undue attention, including disappointments and the ingratitude of others.  In fact, let yourself be even kinder and more gentle with those who have hurt you. Do not think this complicated; rather allow yourself to be drawn into the ocean of His love and your offering of self to become one with His.

Don’t be astonished at My suggestion that you never cease asking for compassion, humility, and gentleness. Aren’t these the hallmarks of your bridegroom’s heart and shouldn’t you try to resemble Him? Wouldn’t you be happier if you had these qualities? And isn’t it always your happiness that I’m seeking? . . . Ask My mother to give them to you and offer sacrifices in exchange. Plant the seed of desire for them. And as always, ask Me to help you.

How happy a father is when his child who cannot yet walk holds out his arms to him. And if the child is tired, how he holds him to his heart! Who is happier, the father or the child?

If you only knew what compassion really is—the compassion you must strive to imitate! Overlooking everything to stoop to a heart’s needs, paying no attention to any disappointments or ingratitude, being even kinder to those who have hurt you. Just be your Christ for them. If you make this your intention I’ll be seen in you. You are so little that you wonder how this could be. You know how grace gives unction to the voice, the look, a gesture?

“Lord, I hope people will always find flashes of You in me.”

“Then disappear more and more, My daughter. I am your infinite ocean; flow over into Me. It is so simple for you to lose yourself there. Since I’m waiting for you. One will only—Mine. A single goal—the Father’s glory. A single declaration—‘I love You with all the strength of this heart that You gave me.’ That’s all. And the Father takes us together as a single offering. One only: I—you.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”