Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Juxta Crucem Tecum Stare
Today I stood with you beneath the cross
And felt distinctly, more than I ever did before,
That you, beneath the cross, became our mother.
How the devotedness of just an earthly mother
Is anxious to carry out her son's last wish.
But you were the Handmaid of the Lord-
Your being and life were totally surrendered 
To the Being and Life of the Incarnate God.  

So you have taken His own into your heart
And with the heartblood of your bitter pains
Have purchased life that's new for every soul.
You know us all:  our wounds, our weaknesses.
You also know the radiance of heaven.
Your Son's love wants to pour it
All around us, in eternal clarity,
Thus you guide our steps with care,
No price for you is too high to lead us to the goal.

But those whom you have chosen as companions,
Surrounding you one day at the eternal throne,
They here they must stand, with you, beneath the cross, 
And purchase, with their heartblood's bitter pains
The radiance of heaven for the priceless souls
Whom God's Own Son bequeaths to them, His heirs.

(St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross)