Thursday, November 27, 2014

Into the immense ocean of Charity


Daughters, despite the fact that things loom so large in your life, seem out of control or oppressive, nothing is so great as the your Beloved's desire for you.  Let yourself fall like a drop of water into the immense ocean of His love.  Lose yourself in this divine solitude with Him.

You ought to forget yourself in God; let your spirit fall, as a drop of water, into that immense ocean of charity, to repose there and receive the divine communications, without losing sight of your nothingness. We learn all things in this divine solitude ; we learn more things in this interior school by being silent than by talking. St. Mary Magdalen out of love fell at the feet of Jesus ; there she was silent, she listened, she loved, she lost herself in love.
Take with you everywhere this spirit of prayer and interior recollection. Go out of yourself, and lose yourself in God ; go out of time, and lose yourself in eternity. I am at the sea-shore ; a drop of water is suspended from my finger. I ask this water : Poor drop, where would you wish to be? It replies : In the sea. And what do I in answer to this appeal? I shake my finger and let the poor little drop fall into the sea. Now, I ask you, is it not true that this drop of water is in the sea?  Certainly it is there ; but go and seek it, now that it is lost in the ocean, its centre. If it had a tongue, what would it say ? Deduce the consequence and apply the parable to yourself. Lose sight of the heavens, the earth, the sea and its rivers, and all created things, and permit this soul that God has given you to lose herself in this infinitely great and good God . . .

St. Paul of the Cross