Saturday, November 22, 2014

I Give Everything I have, even the love of my Mother

“Never leave your immaculate mother. She won’t leave you either. She loves you even more than your own dear mother. She suffered more to give birth to you, for she bore My death. Queen of Martyrs! If suffering increases love, just imagine the tenderness she feels for you. Nothing could ever quench it, not even your ingratitude. Thank her. Love her. Above all, speak to her about your love, and this will draw you nearer to Me. Where else would she lead you if not to Me? She is much too humble to take for herself what belongs to Me, she who lived for God alone. Ask her to teach you to live for Me. Put all your trust in her. She will help you on your uphill climb; it is strenuous work climbing the mountain of perfection. Just when you think you’re going up, you find that you are slipping back. Who will purify you? Who will put light into your mind, if not those who possess it—the saints and the Queen of all saints? See that you are very childlike with her.

Live simply with us as at Nazareth. Nothing in our intimate life will be kept from you. I give everything I have, even the love of My mother. When you feel weak or alone, come to us. You don’t need any introduction. We’ve known you for a long time and better than you know yourself. Our poor little child, humble yourself before our great love for you. Love to comfort us for those who do not.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”