Sunday, November 30, 2014

Ennoble every action with modesty and purity


Daughters, seek to give all of yourself to the Beloved and above all seek to jealously protect your purity for it is indeed a precious treasure.  Knowing that you are always in the presence of God, let modesty be your constant companion and let it shape your countenance, your movements and your apparel.  It will ennoble your every action and the virtue will attract the gaze of your heavenly Spouse. 

Possess purity in an eminent degree, and jealously preserve this fragrant flower. I earnestly desire to see you shine by the brilliancy of this virtue; be like to angels, and omit no precaution to retain this treasure, which is so easily lost by imprudence. We have this treasure in earthen vessels, says the Apostle. (2 Cor. x. 5.)

I also recommend to you holy modesty at all times and in all places, because we are always in the presence of God, Who is everywhere. Let the admirable modesty of your Savior be seen in your countenance, in your movements, and in your apparel. I exhort you not only to watch over your eyes, but to conform your every movement to the rules of this virtue, which beautifies and ennobles every action.

Be faithful in all things to your heavenly Spouse, and live like innocent and stainless doves.  Avoid failing, not only against purity, but even against the least rules of an exact modesty.

St. Paul of the Cross