Sunday, November 23, 2014

Be your Christ


On a day when I was busy with a hundred and one tasks.

You may be very sure that to do your duty is one way of loving Me. In this way you can love Me all day long. You don’t notice this, but I do. Your offering in the morning has told Me. And are you ever so busy that you haven’t even a moment to glance at Me? It would enrich Me, for I am poor when it comes to the thoughts of My children. So very poor—I who never leave you.

Try to understand My yearning for you, for all My children. I called the little ones to Me. I call souls. Who will recognize My voice, this tender, gentle voice that you know? You would be sorry if you could no longer hear it, wouldn’t you? It’s like a rest that is food and drink to you. It holds you up when you must be steadfast. You feel that, don’t you? Then be My voice for others. It isn’t enough to be good; you must be My goodness. You understand the difference? It’s all the difference between you and Me. So forget that you are you. Be your Christ—the one who loves you at all times. Try to imitate Me.
I enfold you. Go gallantly.

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”