Saturday, November 22, 2014

Aren't You All Made to be Saints


I felt overwhelmed by my faults and neglectfulness.
You remember what I said: ‘If I go away I shall send Him to you.’ So call the Holy Spirit often. Holiness is His kingdom. Ask frequently. Why should you be ashamed? Aren’t you all made to be saints, and can you be filled with light without divine help? What a joy it would be for Me if all people became holy.

If you love to please Me, then why not aim at holiness? Seek the help of the Holy Spirit often for this. Let Him possess you; ask Him to do so in My name.

Do everything out of love for your ever-present God.  Seize every opportunity of doing good, for this is the same as to lay hold of Me. . . .

Oh, this work of purification! Begin. Begin. Make use of My merits since they are yours. Take them and offer them to the Father. They are your adorning jewels. They are your beauty.
Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.” 

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