Sunday, November 30, 2014

Affliction transformed by the fire of desire


Daughters, how are you to bear affliction?  Through love alone.  Not only entrust yourselves to the Beloved, but let your desire for Him so inflame your hearts that it purifies every intention.  The soul that is set on fire for Christ enters now into the peace of the Kingdom.  His glory was to do the will of the Father, His glory was the Cross.  When He offers you that same glory, no matter what shape or form it takes, embrace it as if you were embracing the Beloved. 

When shall we be all on fire as are the seraphim ? What shall we do to please our sweet Jesus? Ah ! would that the fire of our charity were so great that it would inflame all who are near us, and all who are afar, all peoples, of every tongue and nation ; in a word, all creatures, that all might know and love the Supreme Being!

In all your actions purify your intention, renew it several times a day, often repeat : All for the greater glory of God!

We must love God always, even when He sends us afflictions, looking up to God alone. O my God, how good Thou art! I desire nothing else but Thee!

St. Paul of the Cross

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