Thursday, November 27, 2014

A lesson of Divine Love


Daughters, you must not rush through life so quickly that you lose sight of the presence of God; fail to consider all that reveals Him and His love to you.  Allow the flowers to preach the wisdom, power and goodness of God to you.  What they proclaim is often more profound than any sermon - for they are made for you by the Beloved's hands.

"Walk before Me and be perfect." (Gen. xvii. i.) Let everything recall to you the presence of God. If, for example, you go into the garden and see some flowers, ask one of them:
What are you ? It will not reply, I am a flower. No, but it will say to you, Ego vox — I am a preacher ; I preach the power, the wisdom, the goodness, the beauty, the prudence of our great God. Imagine that the flower makes you this reply, and let it penetrate your heart and teach you a lesson of divine love.

St. Paul of the Cross