Friday, October 31, 2014

This is from the website of the Leonie's Longing ministry, (which is a ministry for women who have left religious life.)  It touched my heart and I wanted to share it with y'all.  From a letter of St. Therese to her sister Leonie:

 "If it were necessary to do great things, we should be deserving of pity, but we are happy beyond measure, because Jesus lets Himself be led captive by the smallest action. . . . With you, dear Léonie, little sacrifices are never lacking. Is not your life made up of them? I rejoice to see you in presence of such wealth, especially when I remember that you know how to make profit thereby, not only for yourself but likewise for poor sinners. It is so sweet to help Jesus to save the souls which He has ransomed at the price of His Precious Blood, and which only await our help to keep them from the abyss.
It seems to me that if our sacrifices take Jesus captive, our joys make Him prisoner too. All that is needful to attain this end is, that instead of giving ourselves over to selfish happiness, we offer to our Spouse the little joys He scatters in our path, to charm our hearts and draw them towards Him..."

Here is the link because the correspondence between the Marin sisters would certainly be worth reading if you have the time.  You may need to copy and past to get it to open.