Thursday, May 15, 2014

Won't you give Me the balm of your love?

“Don’t you have something to say to Me? Won’t you give Me the balm of your love? How the bridegroom smiles at the bride as she gets ready to lavish all her tenderness upon him; and if she finds words to express her love, I am the one who inspires them, for I am love and I am in her words. At least praise Me by your love-will, and long to please Me. Long to be My beloved companion, my attentive bride. 

Offer it to Me, Mary Magdalene’s love. It is yours by the communion of saints, for all time is present to Me. You find it difficult to believe in this treasure that your God devised for you. But just lay hold of it in all its magnificence, even though it is beyond your understanding. Above all, believe it. All that I have thought out for My children is for their good, not for Mine. Humble yourself in faith and love as Mary Magdalene did. Tell Me often in secret of all the ways in which you have grieved My heart. Be deeply sorry. You know how My heart listens. And if your heart is moved as you confess, what do you think Mine must feel?

Oh, My child, may love lift you above your usual ways. Like Mary Magdalene, learn to be a new woman, even to giving up your all. . . .

The sacrifice most pleasing to God is a cleft and contrite heart. What deeper pain could you have than to have little love? So take all the love of the saints and give it to Me as though for the first time. Ask Mary Magdalene to help you—she who loved so much.” . . .”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.” 

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