Thursday, May 15, 2014

The serenity of the one who has yielded everything to Me

“My daughter, can’t you understand that the trials I send you are all made to measure, exactly fitted to your power to bear, favors that draw you nearer to your beloved. Thank Me for a little trial as though it were a flower placed with new tenderness on your heart by your Fiancé. Doesn’t He find you more beautiful when you suffer with gentle patience united with His patience? Doesn’t your soul take on, as it were, a new expression full of love for Him? Be flexible and docile in My hand. Always humble yourself as though you had deserved to suffer. I am all innocence, yet I suffered everything imaginable. Wouldn’t you like to suffer everything too, so that we might be more one than ever? Do you think we’re close enough now? Wouldn’t you love to come closer? Has your love said its last word? Lose yourself and gain by coming into Me. There are many kinds of houses; the home where one lives in intimacy with the bridegroom is the dearest of all, isn’t it? And if you have understood this, why not make it your permanent residence? What could ever touch you there? You are in the arms of the incomparable one to whom you have entrusted everything—your honor, your belongings, your heart. He will use everything for your sanctification. This is the one great end: to love God and to please Him. What else matters, My poor daughter!

Don’t be afraid of trials. They only help you to go higher. They make you love Me more. And there I am, waiting for you at the bend in the road. ‘How will she overcome this difficulty? Will she ask Me to help her? Will she give Me her whole confidence at last in a childlike outburst of tenderness?’ Oh, the serenity of the one who has yielded everything to Me.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”

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