Thursday, May 8, 2014

Love's Folly

“Can love’s folly in one of God’s children ever equal that of God Himself? Don’t be afraid of going too far. Seek Me. Call Me. You’ll find Me. I’ll answer. . . .

Don’t ever grow weary of Me, My friend. Fall in love with Me over and over again, and let your way of loving Me always be new. Don’t worry if you don’t hear My voice. Don’t begin to think I am far from you. I’m in the very center of your being with the Father and the Holy Spirit. Give yourself completely.  Surrender by getting rid of your self-love and even your self-awareness. Never mind if you don’t understand very well.

Everything you have is a gift from Me. You are absolutely nothing. Be sure that nothing is all Mine. I respect the human will—you know that. I wait.

Later on when you understand My love, you will be ready to return to earth for the sole purpose of yearning for Me even for a single instant. Ready to suffer, too, to the very end of time. Don’t refuse Me anything. Say: ‘My beloved, just as you wish.’ This will make Me happy, and the and the thought of My happiness will help you. Do your very utmost to be one with Me.

Come closer, always closer. Give up everything that separates us—the lack of confidence and hope. It is a great thing to hope. Hope for holiness. Would I ask every soul to be holy if it were not possible? Very well then, believe in My help. Call Me often, still more often. Don’t be afraid of being too insistent. Don’t you repeat the same prayer many times in the Rosary? You must persevere in your asking, poor finite one in the presence of the Infinite. And unite your words with the words I said to My Father in those nights spent on My knees in His presence. Let it be said of you, ‘She is a friend of Christ.’ The honor will be Mine and you will add to My glory.

You forget what you do for Me and what you say to Me; you leave it in the past. But all these things are eternally present for Me, and you will find them again one day exactly as you gave them to Me. Always stay very near to Me. This will be a token of your love.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.” 

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