Friday, May 16, 2014

Love has all the rights of conquest

Offer even the rhythm of your breathing to Me. Not just that of the body, but the stream of your thoughts. This may seem nothing to you, but it is your entire life, and all of it belongs to Me, for love has all the rights of conquest. What sadness for both of us if you were to keep something of yourself from Me. From Me! Oh, My daughter, day by day tighten the bonds that unite us. Be My joyous captive. Some have found such sheer delight in My sweet bondage that they could say, ‘My heart overflows with joy even in the midst of trouble.’ For I faithfully accompany My faithful ones and give strength and comfort to those who want so much to suffer for Me. What they endure for Me I endured before them, for I have suffered all things in the sufferings of My friends. Don’t you suffer when you see someone you love suffer? Am I not the most tender of friends? Oh, believe Me, for this is a reality, and it will encourage you to love Me more. A little more each day—ever so gently, without taxing your soul.

More frequent holy desires. A little upsoaring of your heart to Me, an affectionate glance. Less time spent far from any remembrance of Me; a sunnier loyalty, a silence of humility; a kindness for My sake. And never cease to thank Me. I do so much for you, My beloved daughter. Don’t you see that? And there are all the other blessings you never see. Oh, don’t ever doubt. (In a tone touched with emotion.) Don’t doubt Me.

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”