Friday, May 9, 2014

Lord, shine through your daughter

“Lord, shine through your daughter and leave a trail of Your light and goodness for everyone along her path.”

“Let Me come in and take over everything. Give yourself to Me. Don’t let anything in you hinder Me from working through you. I act through those who put their entire selves at My disposal. Give Me your voice, your look, and go on your way with the firm resolution to let Me do whatever I want, since I’m living in you. Think about this often.

“Make all the preparations for a new life within you. Didn’t I give you your life? Then give it back to Me as a charming gift from you. When you were taking lessons in painting, sometimes the teacher gave your work an expert touch and made it more beautiful. This is what I do on the canvas of your souls when you yield them to Me. But you must give them to Me without trusting in any of your own little talents. Oh, the masterpiece taking shape in My loving hands! Am I not eager for your perfection?

“For love I take you. Give yourself for love. My daughter, every one of your actions should begin and end in love as all Mine did. My life was a hymn of love. You didn’t hear it. But My Father does and so do all the saints in heaven. Adore each one of my loving impulses in Galilee, in Judea, on those roads you yourself have traveled. Never mind if you don’t understand very well.  Already I loved you; I loved everyone without exception. Love Me for all of them—or at least offer Me your desire to do so.” . . .”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”