Sunday, May 4, 2014

Desire Me only in everything

“Rest on My heart, eat and drink. You must take life from this food that is beyond your power to understand.

Dare as only love knows how to dare. Stay on My heart and be sure always to wake up there. Do this for the sake of all humanity, as though it were in your power to give Me every living person in a single instant. Learn to desire this. Desire is a beautiful fruit; you can quench My thirst with it.

Offer Me this desire to see Me and Me only in everything. And I’ll take it as a gift from you. Let nothing else count for you any more apart from what grieves or what pleases Me. Sacrifice yourself in My sight to the point of not even noticing your sacrifice. And suffer with the greatest simplicity, since it is all for Me, your Christ, who suffered for you. What is life when one possesses eternity? You remember what you said about eternity: ‘It’s as though one were always just arriving, and the earth—no more than the faraway, fleeting dream of a moment.’ Take courage from this thought. And never suffer outside of My love, but let your suffering be like new accents of love for Me that say, ‘You know that I love You, that I am as incense burning before Your face with the utmost desire to please You, My friend.’ . . .”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”

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