Thursday, May 1, 2014

Deliver me from anxiety about trifles!

“Keep in mind this prayer, ‘Lord, deliver me from anxiety about trifles!’ Everything is insignificant apart from God whose life in you should daily seek to increase. In the next life you will ask yourself, ‘How could I ever remain a single instant without loving Him?’

“With your merit in mind, I wanted you to seek Me in the darkness and to discover Me again in the half-light. Light untold will be for later on. Didn’t I Myself pass through dark hours when My divinity seemed to drift apart from My humanity? How I fraternized with you, taking upon Myself all your weaknesses, My poor little ones. I was indeed ‘a man’ among men. And even before My passion, I knew what suffering was. I loved it for the love of you, My children. Love it for love of Me. I’ll transform it into transformations for others, and into glory for you, since you find everything again in heaven. So take courage for suffering, My little children. There are some people who can’t do without suffering, so deeply have they experienced how it brings them close to Me. Although I love you unceasingly, I look with special love upon My children who suffer. My look is more tender, more affectionate than that of a mother. Of course . . . isn’t it I who made the heart of a mother?

“Then turn your sorrowful eyes upon Me. Show Me your suffering, My dear little ones. You are already in My heart even though you thought you were so far from Me, so far. Day by day, try to find Me in you, and there, like very little children, give Me the marks of tenderness that you would give to a mother or a beloved father. How happy you will be when you have acquired this habit. How sweet your life will become!

“And I’ll bless you, because you will at last have responded to My call . . . the call of the one who stood at the door listening to the life stirring in the house, and wondered whether it would welcome Him or not. For if He stands outside waiting, it is because He knows that He may be driven away. Sometimes they don’t even want Him to wait. They say, ‘Never will You come under my roof.’ As though He were an evil-doer, He who died for love of them[…]”“ . . . But when they say, ‘Come in, and stay with us,’ then this poor, lonely one knows the joy He describes as ‘His delight to be with the children of men.’

“This is something unknown to you, but God knows it. And you will learn later on how much delight you have given your Savior . . .”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.” 

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