Saturday, May 3, 2014

Allow me, Lord, to console You

“Allow me, Lord, to console You in Your agony as though I had been created for that alone.”

Direct everything in you to this end—all that I have given you, for it is I who gave you everything—your heart, your understanding, your memory. It is I who gave you an imagination capable of stirring your heart. Is it too much to expect that you will use My gifts for Me? When you offer them I forget that I have given them to you. I receive them as though they came from you, and My heart is so touched. If you only knew! I am like a happy father: ‘My little girl did that for Me.’ And I am much more than an ordinary father. But only in heaven will you see these delicate touches I’ve received from my children.

Let this encourage you to live very close to Me, to find life impossible without Me. Let Me share everything. Disappear ceaselessly in My heart. And be sure that I’ll replace you. Always act as though you saw Me, for I am really there. And aware of the great yearning, the intense thirst that I have for souls, surrender yourself unceasingly as though it were for the first time. For Me, it will always be like a first joy to receive you.

Don’t get the idea that it is the greatest number of prayers that touches your God. It’s the way you speak to Him. Be irresistible in love, abandonment, and humility. And when you ask Him for bread, He will not give you a stone, but a double portion . . . When you tidy your house, think that it is Mine and you will make it more beautiful. When you prepare your meals think that it is to honor Me. And when you rest your body, think that it is My body, My friend; and this is the reality, since all that you have is first Mine, isn’t it? You will see Me everywhere. I’ll be your host and your guest, the one who receives and the one received. The one who has taken your heart and asks the free gift of it. Two lives in one.”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”