Friday, April 11, 2014

You must not be discouraged

Be faithful and you will arrive at great union.  It is impossible, dear child, to arrive at intimate union with a crucified Love, without feeling at times the thorns and nails.  It is this which causes the union.  You must not be discouraged if Our Lord lets you see a little of your misery.  He bears with it always. . . hides it from you, but you must see and feel it, before it comes out. 

Our perfect rest is Paradise.  Here below we must stay near Jesus, and upon earth, Jesus presents Himself above all upon the cross.  That is His official portrait.  He gives us little joys so that we may be able to endure life and merit our heaven, but He blends a portion of the cross with them.  He will certainly give you the grace to manage your affairs if you confide yourself to His Love.  Don't think too much of the future.  Live in the present.  The future will brings its own grace when the trial comes.

Dom Columba Marmion
Union with God: Letters of Spiritual Direction