Monday, April 7, 2014

What I want most particularly is you

My daughter, I need you, I need your labors, your fatigues, your prayers, your penances, yes, and your joys also.

Live in a state of oblation.  I need your entire life.

There is so much to do to apply to each generation the fruits of My life and My death . . . There is so much to do to conquer the obstacles in the way, without violating free wills . . .  There is so much to do to create that attitude in souls which will make them eager to answer "yes" to My appeal . . . 

What concerns Me above all is this: to be served, as much as My heart desires, by souls who have given themselves to Me, so that I may purify, strengthen, sanctify all humanity.

If only you could understand the value of souls, the value of a single soul . . . Each soul has its place in My heart.  Each one is loved for something unique that I have given it, and I am not consoled when a soul fails Me as long as there is a hope that it will repent.  For Me the ninety-nine faithful sheep do not take the place of the one that has strayed away.  Each soul is for Me an incomparable treasure.

Your mission in the complex and invisible domain of the Mystical Body is your own, and no one can replace you precisely.  The good that you should have done and that you have not done will remain undone eternally.  I took you seriously, and it is no slight matter that I chose you.

Let me make use of you as I intend.  Be pliable.  I do not suppress initiative, quite to the contrary.  Let your service be actuated by supernatural motives, and all that you undertake will serve efficaciously.

There is nothing in you which cannot be of service to Me if you will but do it in a true spirit of service.  Everything that is penetrated by love is useful.

How many times I wait for you for Myself . . . for others . . . Whatever is done apart from Me and My love, is a waste.

Have a devotion to the present moment.  Only in that way can you serve Me truly.  The past is no more; the future is not here yet.  The only instant that you possess and on which you can actually count is the actual present moment.

Utilize to the fullest the moment that you have.

You have nothing to lose by forgetting yourself.  The more you work for Me in souls, the more I will reward you on this earth and the more you will find your true place in My Heart in the full expansion of nature and of grace, while awaiting the day when you will understand, in the splendor of glory, the reason of all things.

The more you keep in the background, the more discreet you are, content to make Me known without pretending to convince souls, the more will I attract them and act in them.

The more you put yourself forward and try to impose on others your tastes, your desires, your methods, your ideas, the more you will thwart My work and My grace.

Practice speaking to people as if you were an inferior.

I, your God, put Myself on My knees to wash the feet of My disciples.  Do you, then, humble your soul when you counsel or even when you reprove souls.  That will be easy if your faith is keen enough to contact Me in each one.

It is unconscious pride which spoils most of the work of My apostles.  That makes even the most ardent zeal go astray, sometimes making it operate in a sense quite contrary to that intended.

I have never shown to sinners or to poor sick souls a condescending or a superior manner.  In spirit, on My knees I have listened to them and I have cured them, and yet I am God.

Keep this in mind: what I want most particularly is you, not your works.  It is not the work you do that is most important, but what you let Me do through you.

It is easy to work vigorously before the public.  It is very difficult to step back and let Me act.

I exact nothing.  I wait.

If work overburdens you, it is because you have neglected Me.

"An Hour with Jesus"
Gaston Courtois