Friday, April 4, 2014

Verbum silens

Daughter,  you must think of Me often, live for Me more, be ever ready to serve Me, identify yourself more with Me.

Moreover you must be aware of My Real Presence within you, a Presence at the same time silent and speaking, and you must listen to what I tell you without sound of words.

I am the Verbum silens (the silent Word), but I penetrate your mind with My ideas.  If you are attentive, if you are recollected, My charity dispels the shadows of your thinking, which can then translate in your words what I want to make known to you.

The intimacy between Me and you is so close that there is nothing you cannot obtain from My might for yourself, for all those about you, for the Church and for the world.  In this way daughter you can make fruitful every activity which is found by the very fact purified of all ambiguity and made profoundly fertile.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart