Saturday, April 5, 2014

Uprightness and Loyalty

My daughter, sermons are not what lead people back to the Church after they have abandoned Me.  What brings them back?  The actions of children of Holy Mother Church and primarily of those who offer their hearts to me completely.

Daughter, you are responsible for those souls whom you deprive of truth when you scandalize them by your unreasonable actions, by your thoughtlessness.

Have a love for the truth.  Where truth reigns, I reign.  Many of your meannesses which now blind you would disappear of themselves if you would renounce your own judgment, your own opinion, your self-love, to consider My judgment, My opinion, My love.  For, fundamentally, one must always come back to this: to renounce yourself, finite as you are; to unite yourself with Me, the Infinite.

With Me everything is enlightened, everything is enlarged, everything is simplified, everything is solved, everything is transfigured.

With Me, everything becomes beautiful, because everything tends toward the truth.

Why do you seek your satisfaction in yourself or in the esteem of others?  Have you not experienced yet how the winds change, how human opinions vary?

Praises, glory, publicity, reputation?  Mere smoke from a fire in some dead leaves!

Do not let yourself be seduced by what is only on the surface, by what is passing.  When will you ever understand the hierarchy of values?  Why do you seek yourself in action that you declare you are performing for My Glory?  What are you so sensitive still about what one thinks of you, and about what is said of you?  All is vain that is not truly in Me or for Me!

Beyond appearances, I took for truth in the depths of hearts.  What counts in My eyes is the interior effort, the hidden generosity, the upright intention.

Visible results depend upon Me more than upon you.  They can have their usefulness, their reason for existence, but for a limited time only.  What is more important is that they are your honest decisions.  That is where your free will works for or against love.  Choice and upright intentions are what have an eternal influence.

My daughter, the love that is the test of truth is that love which forbids craftiness, all dissimulation in your dealings with others.

My kindness and My indulgence are immense.  If you could see the extent of them, you would be overwhelmed, for your limited notions of justice would be completely confused.  But I am adamant with dishonest compromises.  Light cannot unite with darkness; one or the other most disappear.

I hate duplicity which, unwilling to acknowledge its secret intentions, covers them with a mask of virtue.  To the soul which consents to its lure it brings the worst of chastisements: blindness of soul.

As sap passes from the trunk of the tree, so My grace passes freely into the soul unite to Me  When this union is only apparent, it is as if the branch were attached to the trunk by the bark; the sap does not pass into it; nor does My grace go to a disloyal daughter.

I do not like prayers that are merely recited forms.  Say your prayers as if you were talking to Me.  I prefer that you do not talk to Me rather than have to listen to you saying things that you do not think.  Make your will agree with your words, or be silent.  Formulae recited without your thought in them: that is not you, it means nothing to Me, for it is you that I want.

It will be at the hour of death that you will understand how much I have loved you in the truth.  Profit by the time that is given to you before it is too late, in order to serve Me in the truth.

"An Hour with the Lord"
Gaston Courtois