Monday, April 14, 2014

Time is not lost in seeking My presence, My glance, My word

MY DAUGHTER, it is I who call you to prayer.  It is for Me first of all that I ask you to make your prayer.

When will you understand that I am waiting for you and I desire you the better to give Myself to you, and through you to give Myself to others?

Do not be discouraged by all the obstacles which Satan multiplies unknown to you to prevent you from coming to strengthen yourself in Me.

I am always ready to receive you.  Come to Me with a confident, humble heart, with an eager and thirsty heart.

In a heart to heart talk with Me alone you will learn more than in many useless chats and trifling reading.

I will share with you a salutary power which will enable you in less time to accomplish more fruitful and enduring work than in a scattered life which exhausts you without profiting anyone.

I will give you  light which will make you avoid errors, false steps, unnecessary advances, and will make you act efficaciously and deliberately.

Above all I will send My Spirit to you, who will explain to you My manner of acting and will suggest to you what My Heart wishes you to see or say in all circumstances.

Believe Me, the time that you give to Me exclusively is time gained.  I will return it to you a hundredfold: in joy for your heart, in light in your undertakings, in your influence on souls.

The best way for you not to lose your time is to begin to consecrate to Me what I ask of you.

That time is not lost which is spend in seeking My presence, My glance, My word.

Without Me you can do nothing.  Are you sufficiently aware of that?  Near Me you will find, in intimate contact in prayer, a reserve of spiritual energy very superior to all that you might acquire by your efforts.

I desire ardently to serve Myself through you, and to carry on through you.  I can do so only if you agree to live habitually under my jurisdiction and if you learn to act only through Me.

Do you see, it is not a question of your being the one of whom one speaks, but of those to whom I speak and through whom I speak.

Flow into Me in prayer and I shall make you a sharer in My redemptive activity.  Your words will give light, your movements will open ways to My grace, your sacrifices will be the salt which seasons, your prayer will obtain the dew which fertilizes.

Do not expect the happiness nor the efficacy of things of earth.  If sometimes I make use of them to give you some rays of light, you know well enough now that your hope does not rest in them; I am the one thing necessary.

Detach yourself from everything into which I cannot enter, and come finally to rely on Me for all that you need to become what I wish you, where I wish you.

Gaston Courtois
"An Hour with Jesus"

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