Friday, April 18, 2014

The sufferings of your heavenly Spouse

Keep a continual remembrance of the sufferings of your heavenly Spouse.  Endeavor to fathom the love with which He endured them.  The shortest way is to lose yourself completely in that abyss of sufferings.  Truly does the prophet call the Passion of Jesus a sea of love and of sorrow.  Ah! therein lies the great secret which is revealed only to humble souls.  In this vast sea the soul fishes for the pearls of virtue, and makes her own the sufferings of her Beloved.  I have a lively confidence that your Spouse will teach you this divine method of fishing; He will teach it to you if you keep yourself in interior solitude, your mind free from all distraction, detached from all earthly affection, from every created thing, in pure faith and holy love.

"Flowers of the Passion"
St. Paul of the Cross