Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Beauty of the King's Daughter

What gives simplicity and peace to our lives is the sincere and complete abandon of oneself to God for His glory.  To abandon ourselves is to give to God all that we are and all that we have in order to be His thing of which He can dispose at will.

Jesus says, "Father, all My things are Thine," and the Father took Him at His word and delivered Him to unheard of torments.  Many people speak of abandon, but very few keep their word with God.  They give themselves to God to be His property, and as soon as ever God begins to dispose of this property for His Glory and according to the designs of His Wisdom, they cry out, they murmur, and let it be seen that their abandon was not serious, it was only a meaningless word.

Each time we try to arrange our life, our occupations for ourselves and according to our own views, we are using something that belongs to God and hence comes the loss of His gifts and graces.  The chief thing for you is to scrutinize very closely the movements of your heart, your motives of action, this kingdom of God which is within you.  All the beauty of the King's daughter is within, and this beauty consists in that perfect simplicity of love which in everything only considers God and His interests.

Dom Columba Marmion
Union with God: Letters of Spiritual Direction