Friday, April 25, 2014

Stretch out your hands to Me

“You come to Me so that I may gift you. You show your pity for Me by easing My heart, always so eager to give. Oh, My little children, let Me enrich you. Give Me every freedom to sanctify you; can you beautify yourselves . . . alone? Call Me. ”

“Stretch out your hands to Me.  Look at Me very simply and trustfully.  Think, ‘He is great. He can do whatever He wishes, and He is my Father, my friend.’ After that . . .

“Ask the Father to let Me live in people.  How could they be said to live if they don’t cultivate My life in them? How wonderful it would be if I were there like a guest, the dearest of all guests, the one surrounded with every attention by night and day, knowing that every little act of tenderness touches His tenderness and that His poverty is often so great that the smallest offering pierces Him with love!”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”