Friday, April 11, 2014

St. Gemma and the Priesthood on the Occasion of Her Feast Day

Jesus showed Gemma in an extraordinary manner how victims were required not only for the conversion of sinners in general, but especially in reparation for some Priests and consecrated souls who, although consecrated to God, were living willful lives of sin. These consecrated souls by their deliberate sins so wounded the Heart of Jesus, that Gemma, in her great love for Him, would do anything to bring Him some comfort amidst the sufferings of seeing the deliberate offenses of His “chosen ones”. And to encourage her to sacrifice and suffer in reparation for these and for all souls in general, one day Jesus appeared to her and made her hear a pitiful com­plaint. He said:

“How much ingratitude and wickedness there is in this world! Sinners continue to live obstinately in their sins ... My Father will no longer bear them ... Depraved and weak souls do not have the strength to overcome their sins ... Afflicted souls fall into confusion and despair ... The fervent have be­come tepid ... And, the ministers of my Sanctuary ... I have entrusted to them the great work of assisting in the Redemption... My Father will no longer tolerate even them*... I continually give them light and strength, and on the contrary they!... These whom I have looked at with predilection, whom I have always regarded as my most dear ones! ... "

Here Jesus was silent, and then He went on:

"I continually receive but ingratitude from creatures: their indif­ference is increasing and few repent. And from Heaven I let pour down graces and favours on all crea­tures ... ". 

It seemed that Jesus would have went on, but Gemma with her heart breaking could no longer stand it and broke in saying that she offers herself once again and always as a victim for sinners. And nothing more was needed to send all the fibres of her heart into motion. 

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