Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Renew often your act of oblation

Daughter, what you have received up to now is nothing in comparison with what I still have set aside for you from now on till the end of your earthly life. This I put aside for making it beneficial to many of those  for whom you pray, but especially for you and them in the light of the glory in which, penetrated by Me fully and unreservedly, you will become inflamed by My immense love.  In a full humility, you will realize at this moment that of yourself you are nothing but a poor sinner, subject to all the human equivocations of which you have not be cleansed save by My inexhaustible merciful tenderness.

Then there will resound from the depths of your being a vibrant Magnificat and you yourself in union with Our Lady and all the elect of Paradise will become a living Te Deum. 

From now on, often renew, foreseeing this eternal day, the presentation of your entire life to the Father in an act of trustful oblation in union with Mine.

Yes, you belong to Us but take advantage of the time you have at your disposal for lessening your belonging to yourself and make Our possessing you grow intensely.

Under the influence of the Holy Spirit, who in many ways multiples silently His appeals, deliver yourself through Me to the Father.  Let yourself be taken over and immersed in Our ineffable presence.  Our mysterious transcendence, Our divine tenderness.

Think of Us more than yourself, live for Us more than for yourself.  Not only the tasks We entrust to you will be more easily performed but they will be truly useful for the Church.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart