Friday, April 18, 2014

May I never be able to find again the road which leaves You

"My beloved One. My Jesus. Today I make a gift of my whole life to You, and ask You to consecrate it, and make it Holy. I renounce all fear, all selfishness, and all control. I hold nothing back. My whole heart is now Yours. I wish to become one with You, and Your Blessed Mother Mary in uttering a perfect Fiat. Fiat! My Jesus, Thy will be done.

My intention is to spend all my life in adoration of You; to be a constant beholder of Your Holy Eucharistic Face, and a sacrifice on the altar of reparation to Your Sacred and ever-broken Heart. Accept my heart, My Jesus, as a chalice in which Your Precious Blood is received with reverence and love; as a mantle thrown over Your broken body to shield and comfort You amongst the scorn, mockery, and ridicule of the world; as a vessel, filled with the sweet unction of Your love, until at the efficacious time You break this vessel and allow Your love to pour out over the whole world.

On all the world, yes, but most especially on Your priests, for whose sake I make this offering. As mother to them I desire to be a means by which Your priests are purified and sanctified – a source of nourishment, encouragement, and above all love. As mother, where my sons fall short of their glorious calling, allow me to take their place: when they do not pray, I will pray; when they do not make sacrifice, I will make it. I will never cease this act of reparation until every priest has become the perfect likeness of You, the perfect High Priest, and spotless Lamb of sacrifice. In my heart, not one of them will be lost.

To this end, I call down upon myself the special protection, patronage, and guidance of St. Philip Neri. As his daughter, I desire to grow in the virtues he so beautifully exemplified: Humility, Purity, Hiddenness, Compassion, Charity, and Joy.

My Jesus, let my whole life be concentrated on Your divine love, and allow me to enter so deeply into the wound in Your precious side that I may never be able to find again the road which leaves You."


The above is the first draft of the Act of Consecration potentially to be used by the faithful women who will become Daughters of St. Philip Neri on Saturday April 26th