Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lost in deep adoration and perfect love

 There is, concerning your spiritual life, one truth which I want to impress upon your soul.  All your efforts are only of any avail in as far as Jesus Christ acts in you and helps you: "I am the Vine; you the branches.  As the branches cannot bear any fruit unless they abide in the vine, neither can you do anything good unless you abide in Me.  For without Me you can do nothing."  Indeed, Saint Paul tells us that "God has given us His Son Jesus to be our Wisdom, our Justice, our Sanctification, our Redemption."  You still have too much confidence in your own activity and consequently, you do not lean enough upon Him, you do not put yourself enough in His hands.

If you abandon yourself without reserve to the Divine action of the Sacred Humanity of Jesus, He will carry you along with Him in the Divine current which ever flows like an impetuous torrent in the bosom of the Word.  There your little personality will be lost and will disappear in deep adoration and perfect love; thus all that come from this personality (self-love, susceptibility, sadness, etc.) will be destroyed.

Dom Columba Marmion
Union with God: Letters of Spiritual Direction