Thursday, April 3, 2014

If you had faith . . .

MY DAUGHTER, be more concerned about Me, about what I think, about what I desire.  Be concerned about my concerns and I will busy Myself about yours.  Be less concerned about visible results than about eternal values.  I give the increase and fruitfulness in proportion as you permit Me to act in you and by you.

Think more often of My presence.  Seek Me in the souls around you.  Act in My presence.  Speak in My presence.  But above all, listen to Me in silence.  Try more often to understand what I think of your words, of your attitudes, of your decisions.  Enjoy the intimacy of My kingdom, the kingdom of My thoughts, the kingdom of My virtues, the kingdom of My love, and all the rest will be added to you.

When you lack the spirit of faith, you paralyze Me.  I am obliged then to leave you to your poor human ways.  And then you come to naught: a little blaze, with much smoke . . .

When you animate your work with supernatural motives, when the Gospel becomes in you spirit and life, when you pray with My prayer, when you speak with My words, when you love with My heart, when you efface yourself and give Me precedence, when you try to draw souls to Me, and do Me the honor of believing that I am more attractive than all the trifles to which you attach too much importance, then I can work, then I can make souls feel My love.  I can realize very well what seems impossible to you with your short-sighted human views.

When will you understand the power of My grace?  If you had faith, even the size of a mustard seed, you could move mountains, you would live more with the invisible than with the visible, you would discover Me in everyone, and you would have a supernatural intuition of what goes on in their hearts.

If you had faith, you would never feel alone.  You would find Me within yourself, near you, with you. You would understand the price of life and the price of death, the part played by the cross and the richness of suffering.

If you had faith, everything would be a grace for you and a reason for thanksgiving; everything would be a joy and a motive for rejoicing.

If you had faith, the Mass would be the focal point of your days, the Sacred Host would draw forth a burst of love from your soul, and you would marvel at the power you have over My Heart.

You give yourself too much to worldly activity.  With Me everything is simple; if you come to Me, you will lack nothing for the souls which I have confided to you.  Human means will be given to you, but because you will have given first place to the things of the soul, these other needs will assume a secondary role.  I will take care of them, and they will become channels of grace instead of obstacles.

You can rely on Me only if I am truly for you someone who counts, someone on whom you depend.  You are a daughter insofar as you rely on Me, only insofar as you refer to Me in all things.

I expect from you, My daughter, a living faith, an ardent faith, a sincere faith, a militant faith, a courageous faith.

It is particularly in the time of trial that I can gauge your spirit of faith.  Do not be surprised if from time to time I permit suffering.  Then it is that you are the most apostolic, that you procure for Me that serum of meritorious faith which permits Me to guide the souls who are groping and to cure the souls who are in doubt.

Ask Me for faith, ask Me for the spirit of faith, ask Me for an abiding spirit of faith.  That is a petition I grant always.

Above all, ask Me for much love.  The more you will love with My heart, the more you will see with My eyes.

Gaston Courtois
"An Hour with Jesus"