Monday, April 28, 2014

How simple it is!

“Take power from the power of the saints. From the power of the holy one. Be one with them. Give Me the joy of helping and transforming you. Surrender everything. Let yourself go. Tell Me often about your great longing. Do you think I would resist? That would be to misunderstand Me. If you are generous, how much more am I! You know the violent wind? The bird of prey? I too carry off. I am the ravisher. Don’t struggle. And because you let yourself be taken captive, I’ll bring you into my secret garden among the flowers and fruit. You will wear the wedding ring on your finger. Your step will be in tune with Mine, and I’ll stoop down to your littleness so that we may talk together easily. How beautiful it will be like that My friend, My little soul. You too will ask Me for pavilions . . . But we shall make only one. And as you gaze on Me you will understand that the suffering that passes leads to life eternal, and you will say, ‘How simple it is!’ Because in love, everything is simple. You will say, ‘You were nothing but goodness and mercy and I didn’t know it.’ Then the veil will be rent and you will have the face-to-face vision of all that I suffered for you. Now you are working and fighting in the dark, in the night . . . But even now you must say, ‘Lord, I believe, I adore You in the mystery of it all. To whom should I go but to You?’

“Then surrender yourself to Me in peace . . . Oh, may I have the consolation of leading My daughter wherever I wish. ”

Excerpt From: Gabrielle Bossis. “He and I.”