Sunday, April 13, 2014

Embrace the Eucharistic Life of Jesus

So, my dear daughter, give yourself without stinting, yield yourself up without fear.  Do not ask for suffering, but yield yourself up to the wisdom and love of the spouse of your soul that He may operate in you all that the interests of His glory demand.  He will come to you in the Holy Sacrament in order to change you into Himself.  Let this eucharistic life of Jesus be a continual model for you.  There, Jesus is a Victim immolated to the glory of His Father, and given over as food to His brethren, even to those who receive Him with coldness and ingratitude, or to those who outrage Him.  You, too, my daughter, be every day more and more a victim immolated to the glory of the Blessed Trinity in prayer and mortification, and a victim of charity immolated to souls by expiation, and to others by patience, kindness and indulgence.  Be a great soul who forgets herself to think of the interests of Jesus and others.  Do not be stayed by the trifles which occupy the thoughts and the life of so many souls.  Let us help one another to arrive at this sublime ideal which I desire for myself as I do for you.

Dom Columba Marmion
Union with God: Letters of Spiritual Direction