Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Come close to Me, Look well at Me, Speak to Me

 COME CLOSE to Me with confidence, My daughter.  I am not a severe Master as you too often imagine.  I am an exacting Master, to be sure, but My demands are the exactions of love, to help you to make your prayer more efficacious and your life more useful.

Yes, look upon Me with that glance of faith which makes you discover My presence in yourself, a living Presence, a loving Presence.

I, too, look into the innermost part of your being.  Nothing in you escapes Me.  I know you better than you now yourself.

In you I see the gifts, the talents which My Father has given you.  I see in you the marvelous possibilities, if only you will cooperate with My grace.  I see in you all the good that, through you, I might accomplish for the glory of My Father, if only you are docile to the inspirations of the Holy Spirit.

I see all the souls that are linked to yours and on which you can exercise a blessed influence, in the Communion of Saints.

I see your irreplaceable status in the holy history of My growth in the world, your manner of loving, of praising, of serving Me, a manner that is original, incommunicable.

Do not shy away from it: there is a type of good that no other can do in your place.  The good that you do not do will be an eternal loss.

Look well at Me, and understand that I expect much of you.  I have wished to have need of you, and I have taken your collaboration seriously.

Look well at Me, and put into that glance all possible confidence, love, and a desire to carry out the dream of My Father for His creature.

Look well at Me, and be thoroughly impressed by all that I am in you.  Be docile to My invisible but real influence.

Look well at Me.  It is to become little that one contemplates.  By looking at Me you will come to resemble Me.

Speak to Me.  Tell Me what engrosses you, what troubles you, what saddens you; but tell Me also what you desire, what you hope for, in what you rejoice.

Speak to Me: tell Me what you need.  Do not fear to present too long a list of the graces which you need to become what I desire you to be, or to carry out the mission I confide to you.  Write it in detail, do not fear to make it longer each day.  Come with it and read it to Me.  Ask much from Me: it is not more difficult to give much than to give little.

Speak to Me, but do not speak only of yourself.  Speak to Me of others, of those whom I have give to you as companions, of those whom I have confided to you to serve Me in one way or another, of the poor, the aged, the sick, of children, of priests, of all those whom you know, of all you do not know.

When you are near to Me widen the horizon of your thought and of your prayer.  Speak to Me of all human difficulties, of all the great needs of this poor world.

Speak to Me of the unfortunate ones for whom your heart suffers, of the dying who are abandoned, of the refugees whose misery must excite your compassion, and of the sinners whose conversion you desire most.

Remind Me without fear of My promise that every prayer made in My Name will be answered.  If you but knew the power over My Heart that one prayerful soul has!

Speak of Me also of Myself.  Tell Me again why you love Me and why you want to serve Me faithfully.  Speak to Me of My growth in the world and of the obstacles which are opposed to My reign in so many hearts.  Try to guess My joys, but also My anxieties.

Speak to Me, but listen to Me also.  I speak to you in the Scripture and in the liturgy of My Church.  When I spoke such or such a word, I knew that one day you would read it and in it I hid light for your soul.  Try to study it carefully, to search its hidden meaning, and above all listen to Me reading it to you again, such as you are, in the circumstances in which you are.  This word is Spirit and Life.

I speak to you in the depths of your heart without noise of words.  Why should I not speak to you, since I am the Word, the Word par excellence, the living Word, which contains everything?  Why should I not speak to you, since I dwell in you, and I am more intimate to you than you are to yourself?  Do you think that it is difficult for Me to direct the course of your thoughts, insofar as you permit Me to?  The choice of words to translate is for you to make, but can the value of the ideas with which I inspire you reveal the suggestions of My Spirit?

By the fruit the tree is judged. If I inspire you to more humility, to obedience, to generosity in work and in sacrifice, to charity above all, be at peace and hear without fear the Voice of the Well-Beloved.

"An Hour with Jesus"
Gaston Courtois

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