Saturday, April 19, 2014

Be faithful . . .

My daughter, be faithful.  Recall with what joy you promised to give yourself to Me without reserve and to live for Me.

I need your fidelity to gain to My love those who are unfaithful.

Be faithful in prayer, to true prayer, ardent, profound prayer, prayer which attracts My Spirit.  You ought to be a professional pray-er.  You have be consecrated for that.  It is your first mission.

Be faithful to prayer, in union with those who pray and in the name of those who do not pray.  One should pray in the plural.

Be faithful to prayer, while blending your prayer in Mine, while inviting Me to pray Myself through your prayer of praise to My Father, in petition for all your human brothers and sisters.

Be faithful to work in union with Me.  Without Me you can do nothing solid and durable.  Without Me you build on sand.  With Me you build strongly, you work profoundly, you defy time.

Be faithful to obey.  It is by your meritorious obedience united to Mine that you expiate human revolts against divine laws.  

Be faithful to humble yourself.  Do not look upon humiliation as an evil, but as a treasure which can redeem many faults of pride and destroy the principal obstacle to the action of My grace in souls.

Be faithful to humble yourself.  Never attribute to yourself the good which I help you to do.  Mistrust spiritual self-complacency which makes you forget your weakness, your misery.  As long as you are on earth, you are not confirmed in grace.

Be faithful to love.  That above all!  For it is love which makes for unity, for value, for fruitfulness in your life.  It is love which judges you every hour.

Be faithful to love.  Have you not lost something of your first fervor?  I do not speak of sensible fervor but of that impulse which makes you more easily forget yourself to think of others.

Be faithful to love.  It is not sufficient to know that I am present in your brothers and sisters.  You must understand what I expect of you in them: gentleness, kindness, consideration, good example, amiability, comfort, encouragement, sometimes firmness, deep love always.

Be faithful in spite of the fatigue of weary days, of the monotony of unvarying tasks.

Be faithful in spite of the apparent uselessness of your efforts and the absence of any progress or brilliant results.

I passed thirty out of thirty-three years of My life on earth in leading a hidden existence, ignored by all.  I did very simple things, without show, and thus I saved the world, sanctified the work of men, and conferred a redemptive value on their humble daily labor.

Be faithful in spite of misunderstandings, misapprehensions, discourtesies, slanders, and even calumnies, of which you may be the object.  See how I have been treated.  The disciple is not above his Master.

Be faithful in spite of deceptions, lack of attention, ingratitude on the part of those to whom you have given most.  Be not discouraged.  On the contrary rejoice, for the reward will be greater in heaven that you have not had a reward on earth . . . and then there is nothing like it to purify your heart and your intentions.

Be faithful in spite of the obscurities of faith and the icy tunnel of spiritual aridity.  It is normal that, having been associated with the work of Redemption, you should know by experience something of Gethsemani or Calvary.  But confidence!  Your fidelity in the hours of your sorrowful mysteries produces grain a hundredfold.  It is at such moments that you accomplish your best work.

Be faithful for yourself.  An unfaithful soul is never a happy soul.  By seeking herself she finds herself, but she clasps only nothingness, at the most ashes bitter to taste.

A faithful soul - without finding here below the fullness that she can have only above - tastes, however, even in the midst of the normal difficulties of this life, the deep peace promised on earth to souls of good will.

Be faithful for all the souls which are bound to yours; they constitute an innumerable posterity.  Be not an unworthy mother.  The souls of your sons and daughters acceding to the Spirit need you.  Know how to hear in the silence of your maternal heart their appeals for help.  Think of those who struggle, of those who doubt, of those who fall, of those who weep, of those who are dying, of those who hunger in body or in soul, of those who suffer in heart or body.

Have pity on them.  Do not refuse them the precious help which your generous fidelity can be to them.

Be faithful for your community of faith.  People judge it through you.  It is not a written rule that makes for fruitfulness, but the lived rule in the heart.  It is not the splendor of buildings, but it is the beauty of souls, fruit of a joyous fidelity, which attracts people to Me.

Be faithful for Holy Church.  Above all you are a daughter of the Church.  You must bear in your heart all the interests of your Mother, but also her trials, her sufferings, her cares, her hopes.  Your fidelity consoles her, your generosity rewards her, your will for sanctity enriches her.

Be faithful for Me, your Christ, who have loved you unto death, and who make My birth and My growth in many souls depend upon your fidelity.

Be faithful in little details, for there is nothing small or petty for she who loves.

Be faithful unto the end to permit Me on the day of the great reunion to press you unto My Heart and to say: "Come, My dearly loved daughter, come.  Because you have been faithful, receive the thanks of your God and taste in the kingdom of joy the surprises which My Love has prepared for you."

"An Hour with Jesus"
Gaston Courtois

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