Friday, April 4, 2014

A drama played out in silence . . .

MY DAUGHTER, come near to Me, and let Me first envelop you in silence . . .

You need to recover calmness.  For a few minutes let all the distractions of the world be deadened in you.

You need to recover peace.  For a little while try to think neither of yourself nor of your work.

You need to find Me again in order to be refreshed, in order that you may be grounded again in the truth, that you may be renewed in My love.  Forget all except Me.  Be willing to forget yourself.  Think that I am there with you, that I look upon you, that I love you.

It is hard to stop thinking of self.  I understand.  But it is a renunciation which pays.

Concentrate on My Presence.  I am there with you . . . I am looking upon you . . . I love you . . . 

Silence is My law.  Silence is My sphere.  Silence is My atmosphere.

From all eternity a current of intense life passes from My Father to Me, and from Me to My Father.

From all eternity the Holy Spirit proceeds from Our contemplation, from Our praise, from Our Love.

In silence the Father begot Me; in silence I praise the Father.

In silence the Holy Spirit proceeds from Our mutual love.

It is in silence that Our intimate life is enjoyed, is expressed, rejoices: the silence of the Infinite!

In silence also My Love is revealed to a soul.  In silence you will be able to understand the beatings of My heart.

I have loved silence so much.

In silence I became Incarnate; in silence I was born, far from cities, far from noise, in the silence of midnight.

I spent the greater part of My earthly life in silence.  When the hour came for Me to preach, I began by a forty days' retreat in the desert.  I interrupted My ministry by numerous periods of silence by night and by day.

During the Passion, instead of defending Myself, I was silent.  And in the Sacred Host, I continue to be the Great Silent One.

My daughter, who can tell how much evil has been brought to your soul by sterile restlessness?  Surely there is a time to speak and a time to be silent.  When I send you to work for souls, you should keep united with Me, at least in desire.  Your word is barren if I do not speak it.  Your activity is nothing, your devotedness is nothing if I do not fructify it.

He who does not gather with Me, scatters.  He who seeks himself, believing that he works for Me, works in vain.

That is why it is necessary from time to time to take "baths" of silence, as it were, wherein you can silence the discordant voices of pride and of egotism; wherein you can empty all the hidden pockets of bitterness or of hatred; above all, wherein you can listen to My voice speaking within you, to My voice which calms, to My voice which purifies, to My voice which unifies.

Then, in the time of action, throughout your activity, it is I who act. When you think of your poor people, you think of Me.  When you live for your children, you live for Me.  When you nurse your sick ones, you nurse Me.  And I supply for your insufficiency, I repair your errors, I give full value to the least of your movements.

My daughter, it is the love of silence which leads Me to the silence of love.

Silence is not God.  The Word is God.  But it is in silence that the Father speaks the Word, and that the Word operates.  Most often it is without noise of words that the Uncreated Word makes Himself heard by His creature.  According as the creature is disposed to listen, according as her heart is detached from creatures, will her soul be truly receptive.

The heart has a language the lips know not.  Two people who love each other deeply have no need of poor human words to profess their love.  The silence of love is more eloquent than any amount of prattling, especially when one of the two concerned is God, who is love itself.

My daughter, do not forget this: it is in the intimate silence of consecrated souls that the destinies of the world are at stake.

What a pity when souls, burden with trifles, are void of the one thing necessary!

In spite of their frequent tragic character, the events of history are only a cropping out of an underlying drama: that of the struggle between love and indifference within hearts, that of the struggle between generosity and meanness in human human wills.

It is from within that the world is lost.  Likewise it is from within that the world is saved.  You have been chosen to give your strength to the salvation of your spiritual sons and daughters, so that in them the Father may be glorified!  It is in silence from within that take place the childbirths of the communion of saints.

It is in silence from within that you nourish your spiritual children as a mother nourishes the child that she carries in her womb.  

It is in silence and from within that you expiate their faults and that you provide them with the helps they need most.

It is in silence, My daughter, that you will find peace, that you will find quiet, that you will find strength, that you fill find fruitfulness; because in silence you will find your Savior and your God.

"An Hour with Jesus"
Gaston Courtois