Sunday, April 6, 2014

A daily holocaust of sensitiveness

Dear Daughter,

When a soul yields herself entirely, out of love, with closed eyes, to the guidance of Wisdom, of Omnipotence and Love, that is to say to God, "all things work together unto good" for her.  Jesus assures us that the Father's love is so tender, so vigilant that not even a hair of your head falls without His permission.  That is the way for you; keep it in spite of all the devil may do to get you out of it.

The more I pray for you I see that your way is absolute and unreserved abandon.  God will care for you just in so far as you cast yourself and all your cares on the bosom of His Paternal love and providence.  When, in His presence, in the darkness of faith, adore Him in His ways, in His providence, His often unfathomable wisdom.  Then cast yourself on His bosom just as a child.  "Unless you become as little children you shall not enter in the Kingdom of heaven."  He will treat you as you treat Him and give you that "joy and peace in believing" of which St. Paul speaks.  
Offer Him a daily holocaust of sensitiveness, leaving yourself and all that concerns you in His loving care.  "Cast thy care upon the Lord and He shall sustain thee."

Dom Columba Marmion
Union with God: Letter of Spiritual Direction