Friday, March 21, 2014

You are in My hands. I know where I bring you.

Daughter, I love it when you feel you are "nothing" of "little importance," when physically you feel feeble and prostrate.  Do not be afraid of anything, I am then your remedy, your succor and your strength.  You are in My hands.  I know where I bring you.

I lead you through humiliation.  Accept it with love and trust.  It is the greatest gift I can give you.  Even and especially if it is bitter, it brings so many elements of spiritual fruitfulness that if you saw things as I do, you would not want to be less humiliated.  If you only knew what you contribute through your humiliations united to Mine!  The great work of love is carried on through many sufferings, humiliations and oblational charities.  All else is so often illusory!  How much time is lost, how many pains wasted, how many labors wholly futile, since they are poisoned by the worm of pride or of vanity.

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart

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