Saturday, March 22, 2014

What on this earth is more beautiful than a soul whom the divine light illumines?

What on this earth is more beautiful than a soul whom the divine light illumines within and who, by her life, reflects that light outwardly?  Such a soul may be yours, My daughter, if you have a longing to live in the light.  For that, be pure, keep yourself pure, love the truth.  All falsehood, all hypocrisy, all attachment of the heart insensibly accumulate fogs which, while thickening, hide the wonders of My light and would make of you a dense, dull soul.

What would you think of a lighthouse which would no longer give forth its light by night?  Many ships would perhaps be victims of its negligence and, deceived by the darkness, would be lost.  Take care; if you are not the light looked for, many souls will perhaps not know the away which leads to Me.

There are still multitudes of pagans on earth.  Many are under the influence of Satan, the prince of darkness.  Redemption is important for all: yet why is it what those whose role it is to apply the fruits of it shy from accomplishing their mission?  Is it not the task of souls to be here below burning and brilliant lamps?

For that reason, try to see all things from My viewpoint and avoid all that can tarnish the brilliance of My reflection in your soul.  The general direction of your thoughts, the habitual trend of your judgments, the principle scope of your desires, are of much more importance than you think.  Fear not to purify your intentions very often, to turn your will towards the axle of My desires, and as much as possible to share My ideas.  The more truly you will be surrendered to My Spirit, the more there will arise in your soul the dawn of My living light, the prelude of eternal brightness.

An Hour with the Lord
Abbe Courtois

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  1. What joy this brought to me! Thank you so much Father David, for sharing this beautiful post! I have added this Blogspot to my favorites so I can follow this Order.
    In my Prayers! God Bless You All.