Sunday, March 16, 2014

To love Me is to share My cares, My desires and My dreams

To love Me is to desire Me, to desire My increase in the world, the coming of My Kingdom, the extension of My light, of My truth, of My goodness.  Be eager for Me, and zealous for My glory.  To love Me is to share My cares, My desires and My dreams.  "I have come to cast fire on the earth and O how I wish it were already burning."  "I have come that they might have life, and have it more abundantly."  "I have come to bear witness to the truth . . . .that they may be one as my Father and I are one."

To love Me is to forget your own interests to share Mine.  It is to prefer Me to yourself at the moment of little or great decisions.  It is, insofar as is possible, to be united to Me, if not by conscious recollection, at least by a habitual desire to be recollected.

To love Me is to give yourself to Me, while permitting Me to make use of you to pray by your prayer, to speak by your voice, to love by your heart, and to give Myself to others by your devotedness.

To love Me is to be conscious of My presence, to look at Me with the eyes of faith, to listen to My interior words.  I am ever ready to speak to you.  Happy he who knows how to recognize My message; waves of My love will surge into that soul.

To love Me is to live intimately with Me, and by that communion of soul to imbibe the secret of loving, of the love wherewith I love souls, all those whom I give you to love.  I am in a state of charity.  Happy she who shares My love, which sends forth sparks to enkindle fire in many hearts.

To love Me is to sacrifice your ease for My service and to fill up in your flesh what is lacking to My Passion, for My Body which is the Church.  I am in a state of oblation; happy she who offers herself to Me: she allows Me to bring to maturity, for the good of humanity, the fruits of My redemption.

To love Me is to pray with an intense desire for what one prays.  It is not necessary that prayer, which is a continual hunger and thirst for Me, a feverish desire for Me, should be expressed formally.  I am always in a state of prayer.  Happy she who is united with Me in My prayer; it sends forth streams of graces for her and for the whole world.

My daughter, I love you infinitely more, infinitely better than you love yourself.  I have preferred you to Myself.  May there be nothing between you and Me.  May I be between you and all else.

from "An Hour with Jesus"
Abbe Gaston Courtois