Thursday, March 13, 2014

This vocation is beyond a doubt

My daughter, I have called you to sanctity, to that life of sanctity which is a participation in My grace, a life under the influence of the Holy Spirit.  This vocation is beyond a doubt; and, whatever may be your faults and negligences, it is unchanging.  I renew My invitation here today.  Do not disappoint My expectation, for I need your desire and your will for sanctity to work out your sanctification, as I need your hunger for Me to take possession of you and to satiate you.

Sanctity is not to be thought of as a regular and continuous ascent.  It is rather more of a progressive impregnation of Me, of My life, and of My sentiments, of My dispositions, with stages and crises of growth as in the development of a human being.

So do not be surprised if your spiritual life, like all life, is subject to fluctuations.  The important point is not to change knowingly the course of your ship - that is to say, the profound orientation of your will towards Mine.  The essential thing is to accept very humbly the sometimes disconcerting conditions of this earthly life, to keep your soul in a state of desire, because I am all that you need to become what I desire you to be.

Be docile to the promptings of My grace, to the forgetfulness of self in the service of others, to the renunciation of your ideas so that you may make My ideas yours.

Have confidence in the extent of My mercy, in the tenderness of My love, in tenderness of My love, in the immensity of My power, and you will see then what I am capable of effecting in you and through you for the benefit of the world.

Do not put sanctity where it is not.  Certain souls place their ideals very high (that flatters them) and very distant (that comforts them).  True sanctity does not stray in the fogs.  I wish that you would attain to a loyal will towards sanctity and a life filled with humble details accomplished with love.

Be convinced of this: sanctity does not consist in doing extraordinary things, but in carrying out at every moment, according to your lights and graces, the actual will of God for you with the greatest love possible.

Extraordinary things are not essential to the life of sanctity which I expect of you.  The greater number of the saints sanctified themselves by the accomplishment of the ordinary duties of everyday life.  Nothing singled out My Mother Mary at Nazareth, in the midst of the other women who went to the fountain for water.

Sanctity is not even an affair of exterior austerity; it is a question of intensity of charity in union with Me.

At every moment do what you think best.  Do it for Me with all your strength and with all your love.  I will take care of the rest.

from "An Hour with Jesus"
by Abbe Gaston Courtois

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