Tuesday, March 18, 2014

There is need of the cross . . .

Daughters, if you love passionately, your suffering will seem to you more bearable and you will thank Me.  You help Me more than you think, but the more you do so out of love of suffering, the suffering I ask of you, the more it will be I who will suffer in you.

Those who suffer united to Me are the principal missionaries in the world.

If you saw the world as I see it from within, you would realize the need of finding here below beings of good will, in whom I could continue to suffer and to die for spiritualizing and vitalizing humanity.

In the face of the amount of selfishness, of luxury, of pride which blinds souls to My grace, witness no longer suffices.  There is need of the cross.

In order to be able to make a sacrifice when the occasion arrises during the day, do not regard that of which the sacrifice deprives you, regard Me, and aspire to have the force which I am ready to grant you through My Spirit.

Feeling My presence and My peace is not necessary.  That is why I, at times, permit spiritual trial and that painful dryness, a state of purification and of merit.  Yet having a sensitive perception of My presence, of My bounty, of My love is a priceless incentive that is not to be disregarded.  That is why you have the right to desire it and ask Me for it.  Do not think you are stronger than you are.  Without this incentive, would you have the courage to hold on to it for a long time?

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"