Monday, March 17, 2014

The years go by swiftly . . .

If I agree to let you share in My suffering it is to enable you to work efficaciously for the conversion, the purification, the sanctification of many of the souls united to yours.  I have need of you and it is normal that in this meritorious phase of your life, which is but in an ephemeral phase, you share in My Redemptive Passion.  They are the most fruitful hours of your existence.  The years go by swiftly.  What will remain of your life is the love with which you will have offered yourself and will have suffered.

On earth nothing bears fruit without sorrow humbly accepted, patiently borne, in union with Me who suffers it with you, who feels it in you, who undergoes it through you.

Pray, suffer, offer to spend your life in My life, and thus enable My life of love to spent in your life.

Suffer along with My suffering.  There are not only indescribable sufferings of My sojourn on earth and especially of My Passion, but all the sorrows I feel and take on in all the members of My Mystical Body.

Thanks to this oblation mankind is purified and is spiritualized.  It is for you to enter into the play of My love sharing within yourself My redemptive sufferings.

There is no reason to judge spiritual fruitfulness according to human criteria.

I want your love to be stronger than your suffering.  I want that love of yours for Me, of which I have such need, to enable Mine to be efficacious.  I want that love of yours for others to be a love through which My salvific action is exercised on their behalf.

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"

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