Sunday, March 30, 2014

The true apostolate

The whole question of the evangelization of the world is one of faith and love.  How does one succeed in persuading people of this?  This is where your ardent desire must make My love outstanding, evident to others.  There, of course, is the whole problem, that is, to make love grow in the hearts of people living in our society today.  Love has to be drawn from its source, from within Me.

Daughter, it is important that in society, in every country, not only among the laity but also among priests, there be multiplied righteous and simple souls.  There must be an increase of those souls who are attentive to My thoughts and My concerns, who strive to realize them throughout their lives, who manifest Me quietly in their entourage and who attract to Me all those whom they meet.  Therein is the true apostolate, detachment from self for helping others handle their problems.  Who better than I can not only give the solution to them but provide the means to overcome them?

When the Lord Speaks to the Heart