Saturday, March 8, 2014

The more you love with My heart, the more you will see with My eyes

Our oblation is worth only what our love of God is worth.  The love with which a gift is made is of far greater value than the gift itself.

My daughter, come to Me such as you are, but come to Me in spirit and in truth.

Have the upright will to seek Me and you will find Me.  Seek for Me, and I will give Myself to you for yourself and for the souls whom I have confided to you.

My daughter, be assured that the time taken to come to Me is not time lost; still less is it time stolen from souls.  For yourself and for souls you need time of intimate union with Me, when I will nourish you, enlighten you, strengthen you, when I will give you Myself more fully for souls.

Very often I might say to you as to Martha: You tire yourself, you spend your energy, you busy yourself about many things, you exhaust yourself, all for a work which will be sterile in the end, because although you began for Me, you disquieted yourself while forgetting the one thing essential.  I am that essential: My word, My influence, My grace, My love . . .

I do not ask you to spend the whole day in praying but to spend the whole day in loving, no matter what the nature of your duties.

Nothing saddens Me more than to find so little true love, even in prayers, even in those special prayers called "Acts of Love."

It your inner life about which I am concerned particularly.  What counts with Me is the intensity and purity of the love that I see in your heart.

The more love that you put into what I give you to do and to suffer, the more closely am I united to you to act and to suffer with you.

Prayer without love is a hearth without a flame: cinders.  An act without love is a body without a soul: dust.  It would be better not to act than to act without love.  It would be better not to pray than to pray without love.

But take care!  What I expect from you is not sentimental love.  It is a love that is willed.  It is not love which is merely tested, but love which has proved its worth.

To grow in love, one must grow in humility and in a spirit of sacrifice.

There is nothing that "smokes" love out more, even to the point of suffocation, than pride, vanity, irritability, self-love, the desire to rule, the tendency to have the last word always, conceit, Pharisaism, even unconscious, which reveals itself by contempt, disdain, or lack of consideration for others: for children, for the poor, for the unfortunate.

Nothing enkindles love more than humiliation well received, self-forgetfulness for the benefit of others, little sacrifices, the disregarding of the neglect or of the blunders of others, services rendered gladly, ingenuity which creates an atmosphere of joy and of trust.

From time to time, in the midst of what you are doing, even though it be but for a few seconds, stop and tell Me that you love Me; these seconds will bear fruit for hours.

Think sometimes of what concerns Me particularly at that moment; there is nothing more conducive to growth of heart and mind.  Then I shall be better able to help you solve your problems.

The eternal glory of your soul will be dazzling but you must first help Me on earth by the intensity of your love, in work, in prayer, in the name of those who do not pray; by suffering to make reparation for the sins of the world.

If through lack of courage you cease to be faithful to that which My love demands, you deprive the souls for which you are responsible of the graces they should have obtained for them.

My well-beloved, you are my members par excellence, if you act according to the mentality of My true members, if you are docile to My inspirations, if you are faithful to unite your will to Mine so that I may pour My life into yours.  If your only ambition is to fulfill My desire, then I can act freely in you and by you.  Then I can multiply the graces of light and peace; then I can inspire you, I can spur you on, I can strengthen you.  Then I can help you, miraculously if necessary, to make needed spiritual repairs and expansion which, humanly speaking, would otherwise be impossible of accomplishment.

All the rest will be given to you over and above . . . But I beg that you will take seriously your gift of love, which is the necessary passage from Me through you to the service of mankind.

I desire ardently that the fire of love keep souls from the fire of hatred!  Offer the whole world to My love.  It is a slight thing, apparently, this interior act . . . but renew it often.  It makes it possible for Me to distribute through you, far and wide, the sparks of divine Love.

Be not disturbed if through contradictions and misunderstandings the exterior results are sometimes disappointing.  The true work goes on inside.  It is the interior which counts in My eyes.  I do not judge according to human standards.  I judge with the eyes of Love.  The more you love with My heart, the more you will see with My eyes.

Fr. Gaston Courtois
adapted from "An Hour with Jesus"

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