Friday, March 7, 2014

The Beauty and Wonder of Your Apostolate


Let us adore God who, because of His infinite goodness, has desired to make us collaborators in the precious souls of the children whom He has confided to us.

God who has no need of us, has desired to have need of us.  Without Him we can do nothing, but He wishes to do nothing without us.

He has put us where we are "that we may bear fruit"; and this fruit, as with Mary, is none other than Himself.  We are to produce Him and to make Him grow in souls: "The fruit of thy womb, Jesus."

. . .  Sentiments of wonder, of gratitude, and of confusion that we have been chosen by God for a work so beautiful that it is allied with the divine maternity.

Very keen sense of our responsibility: we are on earth not only to save our souls and to preserve them from eternal fire, but we are on this earth to fulfill a mission, to work with God that humanity may be sanctified.


It is true, my daughter, you do need Me very much.  Do you know why, at certain times, you feel overwhelmed by the multiplicity of your duties; why you feel ready sometimes to yield to discouragement?

It is simply because you don't come often to secure from Me the light and strength you need.

Without Me you can do nothing.

Without Me, your life is barren, your words without efficacy, your work vain.

While seeking relief in the tangible results of your work, you seek yourself unconsciously, and you find emptiness.

At bottom, what is the trouble?

In entrusting to you this work of spiritual maternity, I ask you to make Me better known and loved.  In other words I ask you to cause Me to be born and grow in the minds and hearts of those priests for whom I am the Way, the Truth, the Life.

The collaboration that I expect from you is not a vain thing.  In truth, on your intelligent and supernatural agency depend more or less the spiritual life in the souls of the priests with whom you deal.  From all eternity I have foreseen you in My providential plan for the sanctification of these souls.  Whatever good you fail to do for them will never be done by another.

But your life will be fruitful in proportion as you renounce your own will, all pride, vanity, and egotism, and agree to do everything with Me, to follow My way of seeing, of judging, of acting, of loving.

Fr. Gaston Courtois
Adapted from "An Hour with Jesus"