Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Tell Me again of your desire . . .

My daughter, tell Me again and again, with all the ardor you can muster, about your desire to make Me loved.

Tell Me again and again of your desire to live only for Me in the service of your brethren and to be possessed by Me.

Be generous in this "quest" of Me, for it presupposes a minimum of asceticism.  Although it may be said, without this minimum of desire, there is no authentic and fruitful pastoral life.  There is then sterility, bitterness, deception, obscuration of the mind, hardening of the heart . . . and death.

My ways are at times disconcerting.  I know this, but they transcend human logic.  In humble submission of My guidance you will find more and more peace and, in addition, mysterious fruitfulness will be granted to you.

To be, when I wish it, lessened, put to one side, unused does not mean to be useless, rather the contrary.  I never work as much as when My servant does not see what I do through them.

"When the Lord Speaks to the Heart"

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