Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Souls in the world called by my grace to save the world

Daughters, listen carefully to me.  I need your suffering more than your activity, or even your prayers.  Through the suffering that I suffer in you, I turn the merits of my Passion to account, and I apply the precious fruit of them to the many souls that need them.  If you could see the piteous state of sick souls.  The world is an immense hospital in which many souls are devoured by hideous leprosy.  I pity the crowd, and it is by the serum of your patience rather than by overmuch activity that is possible for me to effect their cure.

I thirst for these souls.  If you could but see them as I see them, you would thirst to save them.  They could be so beautiful.  There are so many magnificent possibilities in them.  You would not have the heart to let them be lost, corrupted, or perish.  To purify them I need meritorious purity.  To cure them I need meritorious love.  To strengthen them against evil I need meritorious sacrifices.

You alone, who are on the earth, can help me to save your fellow men and women by applying my merits, those of my Mother, and those of my saints, infinite and varied riches which you can set to work.  It is your contribution of love, never more evident than in the hour of suffering generously accepted, which can help to care for your brethren, to care for you as well.

The world is very ill, but its condition is far from being hopeless.  If you would carry out your mission it would be accomplished quickly.  Souls in the world called by my grace to save the world, beautiful is their vocation, terrible is their power, formidable is their responsibility.  On your fidelity to the path I have set before you depends the spiritual success of my work in so many souls.  Why seek elsewhere for the secret of salvation?  Seek my love, seek my will, seek me in everything and in everyone, and all the rest will be added unto you.  Preach that by your life more than by your words, and I will bless you.  I will be your strength while I wait to be your reward.

Fr. Gaston Courtois
"Before His Face"