Friday, March 14, 2014

Resolutions regarding the Divine Will

1. To adore in all circumstances even when I do not understand it, the providential care of God has of me.  There are some things which I shall understand only when my task is finished but at that moment I shall be in wonderment of the divine wisdom. It is above all in pains and trials that one must adore the impenetrable designs of God. 

2. To remember that I am not on this earth to live a tranquil life according to my taste but a useful life according to the wisdom of God. 

3. Not to be astonished to meet here below all oppositions, misunderstandings, contradictions, obstacles, calumnies  etc.  Our Lord experienced them and the disciple is not above his Master.  Besides it is with all these crucifying elements that the work of redemption is worked out in us and through us.  All things work out for the best for those who accomplish the will of God with love.

"One should not consider only the will of man", said our Lord to St. Catherine of Siena, "but one should desire to do my will in all things.  In the midst of the injuries the prejudices that you experience, consider that my will permits them to test and to strengthen your virtue and that of my servants. He who makes you suffer is an instrument chosen by me."

4. To be persuaded that all which is contrary to my self-love and my self-will can contribute to my growth in the love of God in less time than years of effort and of voluntary mortifications.  The cross is  planted on those highways over which pass the servants of God.  We must take our share. A Christian life without the cross would be a contradiction. Have confidence!  To the soul which clings to the divine will generously, Jesus grants freely and proportionately the actual graces needed to carry the cross.  Better still it is he himself who helps us to carry it. 

The Lord is all goodness to the faithful soul who enters resolutely into the Divine plans.  He sends us crosses and consolations; all this seems pell-mell but they are combined in such a way as to balance one another.

5. To ask myself this question often: "what does God want of me at this moment?" Or let me say with St. Paul: "Lord what wouldst thou have me do to do?"  

6. To share often the intimate dispositions of Mary, the handmaid of the Lord, and in union with her to keep in a state of resignation towards God.  "Behold me, O Lord.  Help me above all to do in all things your holy will." 

7. To meditate from time to time on the sentence from the Our Father: "thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven." 

8.  To purify my intention very often. There is a normal risk as long as we are on this earth, that too distracted by all sorts of  projects, anxieties and preoccupations, we may lose sight of the essential and become deluded and while thinking we are seeking the will of God in reality seek our own. That is why we should examine ourselves and ask light from the Holy Spirit that we may rectify the direction of our deep desires.

from "An Hour With Jesus"
Abbe Gaston Courtois

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