Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Prayer for Priests

Lord, as Your daughter in St. Philip Neri, I pray that You enflame my heart with love for You.  May you find in me and my desire to do Your will some small comfort and consolation in the face of the world’s coldness and impiety.  I long to quench Your thirst for love and that the desire of Your Heart may be met with the response of loving gratitude by all; especially your priests to whom You have given such great love, entrusted with the responsibility of the care of souls, and have desired to draw into the highest sanctity.  

Help me to accept all my daily trials, small or great; to gather them up and lay them before You in reparation.  To these I add my humble prayers and mortifications and offer it all to You.  May it be as a sweet smelling ointment and healing balm for the wounds You bear on our behalf.


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  1. I like the tangible aspect of a healing balm for Christ incorporated into this mystical prayer. Beautiful.